Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) shape the future of your community and property

Local Environmental Plans, or LEPs, are plans developed by local councils to impose standards on a region to control development. They help council to prepare for the future, reserving land for open spaces, schools and transport while protecting the natural environment. LEPs can apply to a whole local government area or parts of that area. Once an LEP is put in place, it generally remains in force until it is repealed or amended by another LEP.

If you’re a property owner or investor, an LEP may impact on your property. LEPs are the primary planning tools used to shape the future of communities. So it’s important to be aware of any amendments made to the LEP that governs your area.

In June, 13 councils across NSW amended their LEPs which affected zonings. These councils were: Botany, Woollahra, North Sydney, Wollongong, Camden, Penrith, Liverpool, Blayney, Nambucca, Shoalhaven, Lake Macquarie, Narrandera and Port Macquarie.

For further information regarding these changes, it is best to contact your council directly.

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