New legislation for private swimming pools and Spas in NSW


Is your swimming pool or spa registered? Do you know about new compliance legislation that will come into force on 29th April 2015? In NSW, it is already the case that you must register a home pool or spa. From 29th April 2015, it will also be a legal requirement to have a pool ‘compliance certificate’ if your property has a pool or spa and you wish to sell the property or lease it.

If you haven’t registered your pool or spa yet, visit In most cases, you can register your pool by answering a few simple questions online and conducting your own safety checks.

The Swimming Pool Register is controlled by the NSW State Government and councils. Importantly, it allows councils and agencies to send water safety information and compliance updates to pool owners.

If you want to sell or lease your property, arrange for your local council or an accredited certifier under the Building Professionals Act 2005 to inspect your pool or spa and provide a compliance certificate. After 29th April 2015, you cannot market or sell your property without a certificate. In fact, it will actually form part of the Contract for Sale.

Council inspections cost approximately $150 for the initial inspection and if further inspections are required, a fee of $100 may be charged. Private certifiers can set their own fees.

If you live in a unit or apartment complex, your strata manager will arrange and hold the compliance certificate on behalf of all the owners, but it is worthwhile checking that they have arranged it. You don’t want any surprises!

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