New requirements for swimming pool owners.

From 29th April 2013, all pool owners are required to register their backyard swimming pools in an online register to be provided by the NSW Government. The Register will promote pool safety and pool compliance in response to the challenge of reducing the number of deaths and injuries to children in backyard swimming pools in NSW. The Register will provide pool owners with pool safety checklists to help them to self-assess their pool’s safety. Pool owners are required to register their swimming pool by 29th October, 2013.

All swimming pool owners will be required to have a current swimming pool compliance certificate which is valid for 3 years, if they intend to sell or lease their property after 29th April, 2014. The Compliance Certificate is provided by the local Council or an accredited certifier under the Building Professional Act 2005. A Private Certifier can be found on The Council charges $150 for the initial inspection and the Compliance Certificate.

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