New Strata Laws = Modern Strata Living


The first major change to the legislation in 20 years has been described as a once in lifetime amendment which has focused on how our society is evolving to reflect modern living in a strata community.

With more than 90 amendments to the legislation, strata communities will now benefit from the improvement to issues such as renovation works, vehicle parking, smoking laws, voting rights, tenant participation in meeting and manager accountability.

For example owners are no longer required to seek approval from the Owners Corporation for Cosmetic  Work such as laying carpet, installing built-in wardrobes, hand rails, hooks and internal blinds or curtains. Further, owners no longer require a special resolution (75% approval) be passed when approving Minor Works such as renovating a kitchen, installing hard floors or reconfiguring walls within your apartment.

Abandoned goods such as cars no longer need to be processed under the stringent Uncollected Goods Act 1995 – the Owners Corporation essentially can now place a notice on the item to be removed wait the specified period and then move (in the case of a motor vehicle) or dispose of the item in a lawful manner.

Tenants can now form a strata committee to voice their concerns through a representative at meetings. While tenants don’t have any voting rights, the aim of giving tenants a voice has been installed for the better management and benefit of all occupants within the community.

Rather than having to appoint a proxy if you are unable to attend a meeting, the laws have now allowed for remote participation via phone, video conference, email or any other approved electronic means.

With less red tape and greater co-operation available to all residents, the future is brighter for the efficient and effective running of your strata complex.

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