Unlock your zoning rules with a ‘Property Brief’

Before making a purchasing or selling decision about a property it’s important to do your research. Zoning regulations could have a big impact on your property and your community. When it comes to your home or your investment, it’s important to know what your neighbourhood might look like in ten years, as well as what you can and can’t do to develop your property. That could mean converting a property into flats, adding an extra bedroom, off-street parking or even sub-divisions.

Your local Council is the body responsible for zoning and development applications, but it’s often difficult to uncover all the information you need in time to make a decision. There could be plans to rezone an area that could impact your property. If you need this information, a good solution is to enlist a company called ZoneGuide to find it for you.

ZoneGuide provides property owners and people considering buying with a Property Brief. This brief is a quick, low cost way of verifying:

  • Nearby Development Applications that could impact your property
  • Council’s track record in approving Development Applications
  • Current Zone and what it means
  • If a Zone change is planned that could impact your property
  • Development or Environmental constraints that could impact your property

The Property Brief is prepared by a qualified Town Planner, who can research and define current Council legislation that may impact your property. They also provide information regarding any challenging environmental constraints, e.g. Flood, Bushfire, etc and identify planned changes in zoning, planning constraints and recent development applications.

The Property Brief generally costs $495.00, however, ZoneGuide has a special 20% discount offer for Conveyancers. For $396, conveyancers will receive a complete Property Brief prepared within 2 days.

Should you require further information, please contact us. Alternatively, you can visit www.zoneguide.com.au to find out more.

Contact us for more information at info@conveyancingsolutions.com.au or call 9387 2111.

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